Operations Audit

Startup operations are chaotic by nature. I can offer a comprehensive review of your operations and make suggestions on improvements and automations. 

Supply Side Dynamics - How to create a consistent supply in a two sided marketplace that balances supply channel identification with verification and quality control. I can put in place a strategy based on your unique business to ensure supply. 

Leveraging Economies of Scale: As you look towards expansion it is vital to be able to efficiently leverage your resources to ensure sustainable processes to allow continued growth. I can help avoid unnecessary duplication and common pitfalls. 

Opportunities to Outsource: How much of your operations do you need to keep in house? Can you scale without excessive core team hiring? I can provide an experienced insight and offer shortcuts on how to find the best option for your organization. 


Expansion Strategy

Companies looking to launch new services or assess the viability of a new service. From my experience at Exec and Mountary, I know how to test/launch a new service, and can help you refine your expansion strategy. 

Product Line Extension: Thinking about expanding beyond your core services? I will help you review the hypothesis the new service is based upon, conduct competitive research, establish the aims of the new service and how it interacts with existing service, create an operational launch plan. 

Value-Add Services: Need to figure out how to staff up you customer service? Not sure how to manage shipping products at scale? 

City Expansion - Companies thinking of expanding their service to a new city have a lot of questions. Where to go? How to handle timezone differences for support? Whether or not to hire on the ground? How to draft an expansion plan? Figuring out the sequence of events. I can create an expansion plan to prepare your organization to rollout to new markets.